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Grooming in the age of Social Media

November 19, 2015

I know, I’ve been terrible about posting on this blog. Life and work have kept me busy.

I’ve been wanting to write about how much social media has effected small, service businesses such as mine. It’s mostly been for the good, but the bad has been hard to deal with. As a business owner I have to be extremely on top of sites such as Yelp, Google, Angie’s list and other rating sites. It used to be that if someone was unhappy with their experience at your store, they would do a few things. Usually, it was a phone call to complain or a gripe to the neighbor who also visits, now it’s out there for the world to see. I always address complaints in a civil and calm manner..IF I know who is the one with the problem, now I have to try and figure out who it is by the complaint. We rarely get them, and in a shop which grooms 100s of dogs and cats a week, that’s a thing I feel blessed with, however I read our reviews and see a 1 star review with the complaint that the person came into our store and asked for a cat nail trim. We charge $5 for that service. Well…this 1 star review was that they¬† came for the $5 nail trim and got exactly that. A $5.00 nail trim! Now, what am I to assume from that complaint? That we were supposed to do more than what was asked for or that we should have charged less? More? Then of course, we have the complaints that the dog had to be shaved because it was so matted that we had no choice. Believe me, I would much rather put out a groom that is a product of hard work and skill. I am not suggesting that some people have legitimate complaints. Some truly do, and I want to make sure that we fix the problem if at all possible or refund the price of the groom. I want people to leave happy and satisfied with their experience.

I just wish that as an unhappy customer, people would first ask to speak to the manager or the owner and explain their problem. Usually, this will result in the client walking out either satisfied or at least not charged for the service. I would hate to see a business fail just because someone wants to vent to the world instead of trying to work things out. Please think of this the next time you go to give a bad review.