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Dog facts

November 9, 2014

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I have had the time to post on our blog. I’ll do my best to get back into posting as often as I can.

Dog eyesight:  Dogs have better low light vision than humans, all thanks to a special mirror like lens that reflects light onto the retina. It’s known as the “tapetum”. This is why dogs eyes seem to glow in photos. Color vision in dogs is less discriminatory than in humans…well, most of them at least. They have color blindness to red and green,

Dogs have wide vision compared to their human counterparts due to the fact that that their eye diameter is larger compared to their size, and a special horizontal line of light sensitive cells that adds detail to peripheral vision. The eyes on some dogs are set into the skull to give them better 180 degree visual range. This is especially true of the “sight hound” breeds such as Afghans and Salukis. The dogs use eyesight rather than scent and hearing for hunting at great distances.

Hearing: Geez…dogs are amazing! Not only can they hear things better that we can, but the tones that we would never pick up on are such greater that us humans. They can pick up and pinpoint sounds 4 times the the distance that humans can. The directional sense of their hearing is due to the placement of the ears and the fact that they can turn their ears using a combination of at least 18 different muscles. Unfortunately, just like us their hearing decreases with age. One on the most fascinating things is that absolute silence makes them nervous.