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No More Fleas Please!!

September 17, 2011

This year has been an especially bad year as far as flea infested dogs…and yards! We have had two very mild winters with no hard freezes to kill the little monsters. I know…it doesn’t seem like they’ve been mild!It seems like they’ve been long.

I have been recommending switching back and forth between different topical flea products. It seems as though the fleas are becoming immune to most topicals.

With all of our tampering with mother nature, I am afraid we have created super fleas.

Personally, I hate using any sort of pesticide on my own dogs and am very well aware that my hands are in contact with them every day when I groom dogs, but I also hate to see those poor animals being eaten alive by the pests. Not to mention some pets have such a severe flea allergy that they chew and chew until the develop secondary infections from the irritation.

There are so few natural products out there that are residual. Cedar oil sprays can be helpful, but most can’t be used on cats because they can cause respiratory problems.

There is an oral product, Capstar that seems to work well and the pesticide is supposed to leave the pets system within 24 hours. It is expensive, however and needs to be given every 3 days and there are no residual effects.

If anyone has any info on a good non-toxic way to get rid of the little pests, please comment.


















If anyone has any info on a non-toxic remedy that actually works, please comment!