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Walking The Dog

July 20, 2010

As a dog daycare operator and groomer for 30+ years, I have found that many clients feel that just daycare is more than enough exercise for their dog, and sometimes it is. However, large breed dogs need at least 30-45 minutes of good solid exercise a day. The best form of exercise for a dog is walking. This not only keeps a dog in good physical shape, but it also helps  with behavior issues. I see dogs on a daily basis that are destructive in the home or have truly serious behavior problems that could be cured by a daily walk. Most of the aggressive behavior that I witness at times could also be completely fixed by that daily walk.

Walking your dog not only burns off excess energy, but helps you bond with your dog. You get a chance to become the leader in training your dog. It will help in setting boundaries that are so important for dog training. Your dog will more than likely meet other people and other dogs during your walk which will be a great chance to work on social skills. It will give you, the owner, a time to work on leash corrections. This, in turn, will lead to being more at ease with other dogs. New people too!  The best behaved dogs…especially larger breeds,that I see, are the ones who get a daily walk.

A good link for dog walking info and training can be found at

Walking helps digestion as well, which builds a strong immune system. This is helpful in house breaking too. If your dog is on a schedule for relieving itself, it will have less or no accidents in your home.

So get out there and walk your dog. they will love you even more for it!!!


No Fleas Please

July 20, 2010

In our dog grooming facility we’ve noticed that fleas are out in full force. Dogs are coming in daily with little crawlies on them.  We had a break at the beginning of this year with all of the cold, wet weather. However, when the temp soared in the last few weeks … the flea eggs have hatched.

I recommend switching between two different types of flea product. That way the fleas won’t develop a resistance to a certain chemical, and believe me they do. I’ve seen it time and time again where a client will use one type of flea medicine only to find that the dog is covered in fleas a week later. The owner of the pet will over-dose the pet by adding more flea product before the month is over. This can make your pet ill or even burn the skin where the product is applied. So please be careful when using these products.

We not only carry the popular flea medicines, but we also sell several brands of natural flea killing shampoos. These use things like orange peel oil and neem to kill the fleas without chemicals. These are not residual, but they will kill any existing fleas. If you wash all bedding and vacuum very well… getting rid of the vacuum bag or dumping the canister outside and wash your pet with a good flea shampoo, letting it sit on your pet for at least 5 minutes, you should be able to keep a handle on a mild flea problem.

If it’s too difficult to wash your pet at home …please give us a call and we’ll be happy to give your pet a good flea bath. We do not use any type of chemical shampoo or flea dip on your pet.  In my professional opinion these are just too harmful to both the pets and to the person(s) bathing the dogs and do not work any better than non-chemical shampoos.