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Support Small Business

May 6, 2010

This post is a little different from all my other posts.  It’s still about pets, but only in the fact that I happen to own a small business that is all about pet care.  As our long-time clients already know, we are a dog daycare, a grooming shop, and pet supply shop.

I want to share an anecdote. I was in a local business — a very small one at that. I was speaking with a woman who worked there who happens to also be one of our grooming and daycare clients.  I asked her about what kind of food she fed her dogs. She gave the name of a food that we carry, and then told me how much of a hassle it was to drive over to a “Petwhatever,” one of the big box retailers.

When I told her we carry that particular food, she said she didn’t even think to look at our store. That she had been going to “Petwhatever” for so long that it was just habit.

Not only are we just a short way down the street, but there is another small pet supply nearby. If we don’t carry what you are looking for, the other place has it, and the prices aren’t much different than “Petwhatever.”

I don’t think people realize that by supporting small, local business we keep the money right here in our community. We don’t have a board of directors to answer to or shareholders across the country collecting dividends. We spend our dollars right here, in the same place the money comes from: the local community.

We employ seven full-time employees and three part-time employees. Our employee turn over is very low because we pay an above average wage and have a strong animal care ethic. We also encourage our staff to join us in shopping at small local businesses. This keeps businesses right here in Cedar Mill open through this economic downturn.

We don’t import all of our supplies from China. As a matter of fact, The Muttley Crew carries many products made right here in the Northwest. We DO NOT sell any food or treat that is manufactured with products that are from China. Many of you remember the melamine scare a few years ago, an issue of of great concern to all pet owners.  There are many ingredients in various pet foods that should not be there because they are very unhealthy and unsafe. We pride ourselves on trying to educate pet owners on better pet nutrition.

Our employees are well versed in animal nutrition and we keep up to date on new data concerning pet foods and treats. My wife, Jean, who works in the store in the afternoon can answer most questions anyone might have on what sort of diet would be best for your pet. We are not interested in just pushing whichever foods we happen to be getting a better wholesale deal on. Not only that, if we feel that your pet would do better on a food that we don’t happen to carry, we’ll tell you where to find it.

We pride ourselves in carrying quality products, not just cheap junk that may be contaminated with lead paint or some other sort of product that could be toxic for you pet. Your pets health is of utmost concern to us… not the bottom dollar.

If anyone reads Spot magazine you will know that we won best dog grooming and best cat grooming categories . Your pet’s health and safety are paramount to us. We strive to make your pet safe and secure in our daycare. We try and make it an enjoyable and healthy experience for your pets. Not only that, but your dogs are cared for by the same people each time.  The big box stores do not have the same people working with your dogs (and cats) each time.  Pets thrive on routine and are more comfortable when they know the people who are working with them.

This just doesn’t apply to pet stores. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Please consider how many small businesses have gone under because some  big box retailer has moved in.  Gone are the days when you went into your local -whatever- store and you were greeted by name. Where your local -whatever- store would go above and beyond to help.  When customer service was just that — service. Well, in small, locally owned businesses, those days are not gone. Please support your local businesses whenever you can.