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Best In The Biz!

January 25, 2010

Each year, Spot Magazine holds a contest to find the best pet-related businesses in the Portland Metro area.  There are many categories that Spot readers can vote on.  We’re proud to say that this year, The Muttley Crew took first place in both dog grooming (by a landslide, no less!) and cat grooming. We also placed second in the dog spa and dog wash categories.

We are so grateful for all of our clients who took the time to vote for us in this contest.  Some of these clients have put their pets in our hands for the last 20+ years.  We have a fantastic and very talented staff who really  put their all into their jobs. Our groomers are truly second to none. Lori, Martine, and I have more than 65 years of experience combined. Our bathers are among the most committed people I have had the chance to know. I know what goes on behind the scenes, and everyone at The Muttley Crew really cares about the treatment of your pets. They understand my basic philosophy: These are other people’s pets. People leave their canine family members in our hands, and they need to be treated with extreme care. I do not want these pets to be traumatized in any sort of way. I want the dogs to want to come back . Nothing makes me happier than to see a dog scrambling to get in that door, with a huge doggy grin on their face. Paws up on the counter and a woof for a greeting.

We do things a little differently than most grooming shops. We are mostly cageless — some dogs need to be kenneled for various reasons, of course, but most of the dogs love playing with the other dogs.  They are less stressed and enjoy the experience more. We never “cage dry” dogs. I have seen and heard of too many horror stories of dogs over-heating while in the kennel. Not to mention that the dogs look better when they are fluff dried. The haircuts just look better. We use only natural and organic shampoos and conditioners, and we never use cologne. Too many people and pets are very sensitive to strong odors. The shampoo and conditioners make your pet smell great as it is. Why add to that?

We strive to do our best to make your pet look and smell great!

Please pick up Spot Magazine locally or read the article online. And if you get a chance, please check out the March issue of Dog Fancy magazine; we were interviewed for an article about doggy dental health!

Thanks again to all of our fantastic clients for voting for us!