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Why Dog Daycare

May 30, 2009

Hello.  This is Nova, the trusted reporter for The Muttley Crew. I spend my days here at Muttley’s doggy daycare. I simply love it.

Many people wonder why my person pays for such a service.  I certainly  feel she gets her money’s worth and more. Let me explain.

People ask why dog day care is such a good thing. Let me start by saying that dogs are social creatures. They love the company of other dogs. Dogs  form long lasting friendships, just like people do. If a particular dog hasn’t been in for a while, when he comes back, all of his friends will run to greet him. They sniff him all over to get an idea of what he’s been doing lately and then … off they all go, running together and playing with joy.

You would be surprised at some of the unlikely friendships that result. We have an Akita mix who is best friends with a Puggle, a Rottweiler mix, and Sheltie.  Then there’s the smaller dog, Bella, who just loves the biggest dogs in the place. She can easily keep up with the biggest and fastest guys out there!

Dogs learn behavior from other dogs more quickly than they learn from humans.  There are certain dog behaviors humans just can’t imitate. The best behaved dogs are usually the ones who have other dogs to show them how they should behave.

Of course, mother dogs are the first ones to show how the pup should behave in certain situations. The same dynamic works in a larger pack of dogs.  One or two will establish themselves as the dominant(s) in the group. Now, don’t get me wrong–the dominant dog rarely, if ever, uses physical contact to establish dominance. It is just the way a certain dog carries themselves, and in other subtle clues humans might normally miss. These dominant dogs will usually stop any sort of scuffle between others even before it starts. The “boss” dog will usually hang back and make sure all is going well with his or her pack. And the more submissive dogs are happy to have someone leading and caring for the pack! Dogs love to have someone, canine or human, to lead the way.

Dog that are left home alone all day can get bored… and when a dog gets bored they can quickly become destructive. They might chew up shoes and furniture, dig in the garbage can, or even scratch holes in the walls! A dog that gets plenty of exercise and socialization will be much less likely to act in such a way.

Dogs need doggy friends, just like humans need human friends. And you reap the benefits when your dog is at home, happy, peaceful, and sleeping from a busy, fun day at daycare.