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Introducing Nova

February 28, 2009

Hello, my name is Nova. I’m a black Standard Poodle and a regular guest here at  The Muttley Crew, where I am treated like the queen that I am.

The staff at The Muttley Crew asked me to write their blog.  I’m so glad they chose me!

In my blog entries, I will give my advice on such topics as the importance of getting groomed– even if you don’t enjoy your bath!  I’ll also be discussing pet foods and nutrition, flea problems, and daily life here at The Muttley Crew

The Muttley Crew is located in Portland, Oregon, very close to the Nike Campus.  The Staff here are the nicest people.  The owner, Jeff, is one of my favorite people.  He always has time to give me a good pat no matter how busy he is.  I love hanging out with him … he spoils me and lets me come into his office and stay there while he works.

David, who manages the day care area, is also one of my favorite people.  Even though I am a Standard Poodle, he lets me sit in his lap.  Out in the daycare area I kind of “oversee” things.  I don’t like it when the other dogs get too wild.  I help David by letting the other dogs know when to settle down.  They know to listen to me. It’s good to be the Alpha Dog!

Next there is Martine.  She is my personal groomer.  Martine always makes me look so nice.  My coat looks just like velvet when I’m finished with my grooming.  She’s a number one dog stylist!

The other groomer is Lori. She is a CMG (certified master groomer).  Lori makes everyone she grooms look great!

Bryce and Cassie are the bathers.  They always get me and all the other pets nice and clean.

Brittany runs the front desk and our retail area. She sure knows a lot about pet food!  Last but not least is Damian.  He does a little of  everything.  If you call in the afternoon, he’ll be the one who helps you out.  Damian always gives me a good pet whenever he sees me.  He’s always tossing balls for us to play with and gives us all hugs.

Every week I’ll be dishing out my wisdom and advice.  So, check back and see what we’re up to.